Thermal Imaging

A “thermal” image is worth a thousand words!

An Infrared Thermal Inspection involves an inspector’s utilization of specialized infrared photography equipment for the purpose of detecting hidden problems around a property. These problems would often remain hidden without the use of such technology.

Infrared technology can serve a range of purposes and it’s completely non-destructive. Meaning, using infrared equipment does not require the drilling or cutting open of any building material to see if a problem exists.

The technology works by detecting variances in the infrared light spectrum. These variances can signify a variety of problems. Knowing how to interpret equipment readings, including numerical temperature and spectrum readings is an important part of the infrared inspection process. The inspectors who utilize this equipment have been well-trained on their use.

When it comes to building inspection and maintenance it is an invaluable method to detect hidden moisture, water damage, mold growth and other problems

In residential and commercial buildings, improper installation, poor workmanship, inferior materials and aging components may result in higher energy consumption/costs or expensive repairs. Since many of these problems are not visible, they may be missed during a conventional inspection. Our thermal images can help pinpoint the following:

  • Missing/Damaged/Non-performing insulation
  • Heat loss
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Water damage
  • Moisture intrusion or condensation
  • Mold potential
  • Subsurface heat problem