EMS Specialty Services

Many fungi, yeast and molds, occur in our everyday lives both indoors and outdoors. We need them to survive. This is what we consider normal fungal ecology. The concern lies in the molds that form colonies indoors and release high concentrations of spores into the air and consequently have the ability to compromise our indoor air quality, and to be a contributing factor in adverse health conditions of humans and animals. These are of particular concern when found in large concentrations within our homes and we are exposed to these conditions on a long term basis.

The U.S Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that approximately half of U.S. homes have a mold problem. If a serious mold Contamination problem exists, it is imperative to identify the water intrusion, identify the types of molds present and to begin remediation, if necessary, as soon as possible. Environmental Mold Services understands that each client represents a unique challenge regarding their property environmental concerns. Whether it’s addressing a mold, unusual odor, lead, asbestos or flood situation, it is our objective to provide the best possible information and solutions based upon facts to ensure a healthy and safe working or living environment for our clients.

EMS takes a systematic scientific approach to solving commercial or residential indoor environmental situations. Our services include a protocol of comprehensive evaluations, testing and laboratory analysis from an independent AIHA accredited/EMLAP certified laboratories, data evaluation and reporting, initial site assessment, post remediation verification and strategy development to minimize future hazards. It is Environmental Mold Services mission to provide the very best knowledge, integrity, service and solutions in the industry.

Our Services Include:
  • Mold Abatement Services
  • HVAC and Duct Work Decontamination
  • Structural Dehumidification & Water Extraction
  • Furniture & Contents Decontamination
  • Property Evaluations and Mold Assessments
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Documentation
  • Complete Water abatement and Dry-Down services
  • Flood Service