Dry Ice Blasting

The Dry Ice Blasting Process ~ Source Removal is a new cleaning process that uses CO2 pellets (dry ice) for blast cleaning surfaces. It is similar to high-pressure washing, sand or glass bead blasting, but uses CO2 ice for more effective cleaning of biological matter like mold. It is a less messy procedure than water-based or sand-based blasting. With dry ice blasting, the pellets evaporate upon contact, leaving no residue or by-product. Due to environmental and production advantages, this method is quickly becoming the preferred cleaning method for industrial and specialty cleaning applications.

Dry Ice Blasting Process

Mold remediation is a process not a chemical or treatment. True remediation removes mold spores instead of killing them. The intension is to remove the spores and their root system to protect against new infestation. Environmental Mold Services, INC. uses the state-of-the-art dry ice blasting process that has been proven to be superior to traditional methods like sanding, scraping and wire brushing. These methods often leave traces of mold spores in the wood grain and in areas difficult to reach. For this reason, Environmental Mold Services, INC. recommends dry ice blasting.