5 Simple Ways You Can Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free

We are well aware of the dangers of mold infestation. And so, as much as possible, we try to get rid of them ourselves. However, our lack of knowledge and experience might make the problem worse. 

We can easily find online articles on how you can remove mold, but have you ever wondered if this will suffice? Or does it only get rid of the outermost part of the problem? Considering that our bathrooms are an excellent breeding ground for molds, you might be worried that you cannot completely fix this issue.

This blog will enumerate some simple but effective different tricks to remove mold from your bathroom. Here are some of them:

Get a Good Fan

One way to remove mold is using a humidifier or a fan. The cool air will blow the mold away. The humidifier can also help keep the humidity level of your bathroom constant.   

High humidity is the reason why mold develops in the first place. If you often forget to turn the fan on for some time, consider purchasing one that can turn itself on and off. 

Run the Fan Properly

It is best to run the fan for two hours straight. However, if it is too noisy, adjust the time according to the volume you can tolerate. Running the fan in the early morning or the evening is also ideal because you will not be able to hear it.  

Most importantly, you have to keep running the fan even when you are not in the bathroom. Doing this will ensure that the mold will not regrow again. This step may take days before you notice changes. 

Run the Fan with a Dehumidifier

If you find that your bathroom is still humid despite the fan, you may have to purchase a dehumidifier to get the job done. Dehumidifiers are very effective in removing all the excess moisture from the bathroom. 

To make the best use of a dehumidifier, place it on the floor so that the cold air will get all the way up to the ceiling. The air vents of your bathroom are another place that can be used for the dehumidifier. However, if the vent is not transparent, you might be wasting your time. You would need to purchase a dehumidifier that has a hose so that you can place it inside the vent. 

Optimize the Use of Your Squeegee

It would be wise if you cleaned your bathroom regularly. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to remove every bit of mold you see. 

Squeegeeing is an old cleaning method used to remove dirt from surfaces. The only difference is that you will use a squeegee instead of a broom and get the same, if not better, results. Squeegeeing is ideal for small mold patches, but you will need a scrubbing pad for a vast area. 

Remember to wash your squeegee and mop after every use because mold spores will stick to them.

Fix All the Leaks

Leaks are widespread, especially in the bathroom. You will not be able to remove mold if the problem if you don’t resolve the leak issues first. You have to get a plumber to replace all the damaged pipes.

Wash Rugs and Towels Regularly

Moisture is an essential factor for molds to breed. If you have rugs in your bathroom, you must wash them every week. The same goes with your towels.  


Removing mold is not as easy as you think. But it is not impossible. With the steps enumerated, you can prevent your toilet from being a breeding ground for mold.

If you are finding it difficult to remove mold yourself, you should contact Environmental Mold LLC. We will help take care of this problem for you, so book an appointment now! 

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