Home Mold Testing Needed

How to Use a Home Mold Test Kit

You can determine whether there is harmful mold in your home using a mold test kit. Because many molds are not hazardous to people and are therefore not lethal, it is essential to be able to identify mold and determine if it is black mold. One of the frequently asked questions is “how to test home for mold,” and it is typically considered that professional assistance is required for this task. With today’s test prep materials, you may complete this process yourself without having to pay for the professionals’ service. This blog explains how to use a home mold test kit.  Environmental Mold’s home mold test kit is simple to use and follows the same process as the experts and you may actually give your home a thorough evaluation with this kit.

You may easily take a small sample of the mold and put it in a mold test kit if you find it growing in the basement or on a surface elsewhere in the house. You should put on rubber gloves and a facemask because if  there is a black mold, it might be quite dangerous. This kit comes with samples and a reusable pump calibrated to 75 liters. All you have to do is to plug it in and push the button. You only have to buy this kit one time. If you want to take additional samples in 6 months all you have to do is purchase the cassettes.

A paint scraper can be used to collect a mold sample for the black mold test kit, but make sure to clean it first to prevent contaminating the specimen. Collect the mold samples and label it down so you would not be confused with the areas of the collected samples. To have the mold evaluated, just simply upload it to the website.

So if you are a type of person that likes to “do it yourself” things, or does not want to spend an amount of dollars to test your home for mold, this mold test kit is for you. It comes with a tutorial video on how to use the mold test kit and to upload the samples on the website.

Using a mold test kit, you can determine whether you have dangerous mold in your house. It is essential to be able to test for mold and determine what type of mold it is because many molds are not toxic and are not harmful to humans. Now that you know how to test homes for mold, you can be sure that your family and home are protected from harmful mold. To learn more about the proper use of the environmental mold llc home mold test kit you can visit our mold Mold Inspection and Detection page. To purchase the home mold test kit click here.

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