How Dry Blasting Solves Environmental Mold Problems

When environmental mold continues to thrive in moist or wet locations, it can cause serious health risks and should be removed once detected. This is why you must call a professional with the necessary training, solutions, and equipment to safely and effectively remove mold from your home—one of which is dry ice blasting.

Also known as dry blasting, professionals can use this method for cleaning in many beneficial ways, which is often overlooked for this purpose. It can be used to sanitize highly sensitive equipment that would be damaged if wet. Dry ice is also well suited for cleaning mold and improving the processes of the plastics industry. Read on and uncover how this unusual method solves environmental mold problems.

Ice Got the Power

Dry blasting is the process of cleaning molds with dry ice. Dry ice pellets are shot at the surface with compressed air. The dry ice pellet hitting the surface causes the contaminant to become brittle and break off. Sublimation (turning back into gas) carries the contaminants away. This leaves the molds clean with no residue.

Both homeowners and remediation companies prefer it because it is safe, non-toxic, and eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals. It also does not leave much secondary waste. It also will not cause significant damage to the surface that it is cleaning. It uses kinetic energy and scrubbing action to remove mold spores but will not alter the structure of the surface. Dry blasting is also less time-consuming and more effective than other methods of cleaning mold spores.

Benefits of Dry Blasting Environmental Mold

  • For providers
  • Removal companies find that it reduces their remediation time by 60 to 80 percent!
  • The technicians can use dry blasting to reach hard-to-reach areas that sanding, scraping, and grinding can’t.
  • It also reduces the need for high current power-tool usage, saving the company money and reducing the risk of damage to your home. 
  • Finally, fast, effective, and safe mold remediation increases customer satisfaction!
  • For customers
  • This process removes dirt, dust, and other contaminants from surfaces without damaging them. 
  • It’s much faster than traditional cleaning methods, such as hand-wiping or using a power washer, which could result in unwanted marks due to uneven force used to remove environmental mold. This makes dry ice blasting a great option for customers who want a quick and effective way to clean their surfaces.
  • This ensures that all mold spores are removed, preventing them from spreading and causing further damage.
  • This means that the product will leave no residue and will not contaminate any surfaces.
  • This includes eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other potentially harmful microscopic organisms.
  • This means no waste or residue is left after the product is used.

In Summary

Imagine dealing with only environmental mold when you spot them. No need to worry about damaging other components that don’t need cleaning. That’s what dry blasting does, and it’s a relief for homeowners or landlords who want to maintain clean surroundings without causing any more wear and tear that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

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